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Can I allow a visitor to save a Form submission and complete it later?


While, technically speaking, form data is submitted to Salesforce once a visitor clicks the submit button, you can setup Soapbox Engage and Salesforce to allow a visitor to begin a form submission, save it, edit it over successive visits, and submit it when completed. Doing so will involve the creation of the form itself, a couple fields on the object in Salesforce denoting status of the submission, and a Directories page showing submissions that are in progress. It also requires our Portals feature that allows for the association of logged in user accounts with Contact records in Salesforce.

To demonstrate, let's examine a common use case.

I am an organization that accepts applications from visitors. My website has Salesforce Portals. Visitors login to Soapbox to submit their applications. The applications are saved to a custom object in Salesforce called Applications where they are reviewed by staff upon submission. The Applications object is a child of the Contacts object. The Applications object has a Status picklist field with values such as "Submitted", "In Review", "Denied", and "Approved". These applications are long and often require visitors to access information from multiple sources, thereby necessitating that they not be forced to complete the application in one session.

Given the situation, the following would offer one possible solution. You are obviously free to alter the suggested field names and language, as you see fit. These are included for demonstration purposes only:

  1. Add a value to the Status picklist called "In Progress"
  2. Add a custom Boolean field called Submitted Online
  3. Create your application form with the Forms app, including the field Status as a hidden with a Default Value of "In Progress" and Submitted Online displayed as a radio button with the customized Label of "I am ready to submit my application for review"
  4. Customize the submit form button to be "Save Application"
  5. Create a menu item for your Forms page form called "Start Application"
  6. Create a Text Element and place it near the submit form button to describe that the application will not be submitted until the "I am ready to submit my application for review" radio button is set to Yes
  7. Create a Directories page that displays records from the Applications object that are associated with the logged in user's Contact and have a Status of "In Progress"; allow the records to be edited by the logged in user; you can set the Edit Form to be the same Form page you created above, if you wish
  8. Create a menu item for the Directories page called "My Applications In Progress" with Enable Search Form set to No, Enable Show/Hide set to No, and Enable Default Results set to Yes
  9. Create a workflow rule in Salesforce that, when an Application record with the Status of "In Progress" is created or edited to have Submitted Online set to TRUE, change the Status to "Submitted"

With this setup, the visitor will be able to start an application by navigating to "Start Application", save it, view it by navigating to "My Applications In Progress", edit existing applications, and submit it for official review by selecting Yes for "I am ready to submit my application for review" and saving the record.

To support this setup, you can also create additional workflows in Salesforce that notify staff when an application has been submitted or send email confirmation to the applicant.



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