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Blocking user from logging in based on Salesforce field


If your site has a password-protected area and its users are connected to Salesforce Contact records in your Salesforce instance, you can use the Salesforce User Manager to identify a field in on the Contact object in Salesforce where, if the value of that field is set to TRUE, a given user will blocked from logging into the website. This field can be either a Boolean checkbox field or a text field. In many cases, it will most useful to have this be a formula field of type text which is based on values in other fields which render a TRUE or FALSE value.

A common scenario where this is helpful is for member organizations seeking to open or restrict access to their website based on the status of a Contact's dues payment.

To enable the ability for Non-Profit Soapbox to block users in this way, you must first create the field in Salesforce. After this field has been created:

  1. Go to the Salesforce User Manager
  2. Go to the Authentication Options tab
  3. For Block Field, select the field in Salesforce you have created. NOTE: If the field does not appear in the drop down, clear the cache of your Salesforce data.


  4. For Block Message, enter a message you wish to display, should a user be blocked
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