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Selecting behavior when multiple matching Salesforce Contacts are found


For attempted web user registrations which have multiple matching Contacts in Salesforce, you have the option to deny activation of these registrations, or to allow activation and associate them with the most recently modified Contact in Salesforce.

To choose which option you prefer:

  1. Go to the Salesforce User Manager
  2. Click the Registration Options tab


  3. For If Multiple Salesforce Contacts Exist, choose one of the following:
    1. Do not activate web account: This will create a web account in Site > User Manager but leave it disabled and unassociated with a Contact in Salesforce. The web user will not be allowed to complete the registration process. As an administrator, you can elect to 1) leave the user account disabled; 2) edit the user account to be associated with the desired Contact in Salesforce by updating its Contact Id in the User Manager, enabling the account, and notifying the web user; or 3) delete the user account.
    2. Activate web account and match with most recently modified Contact: This will create a web account in Site > User Manager and send the activation email to the web user so they can activate their account. It associates the new web user account with the most recently modified Contact in Salesforce.
  4. For Email Notification, choose Yes or No
  5. For Notification Addresses, enter the email address or addresses you wish to receive the email, if you have opted to send notification to staff. If multiple addresses are included, separate them by a comma.
  6. For Notification Message Subject, enter the subject line of the email to be sent
  7. For Notification Message, enter the body of the email you wish to send. This can include the following variables:
    1. {$username}: The Soapbox username for the new web user account
    2. {$name}: The First Name and Last Name of the user
    3. {$email}: The Email address of the user
    4. {$ContactId}: The Contact Id of the mostly recently modified matching Contact in Salesforce, if you have enabled web user account activation. If you have disabled account activation, no ContactId will be available.
  8. For Message Displayed to User, enter the text of the message you wish to display. If you have allowed for account activation, you may wish this text to be the same as Message For Successful User Registration which is included further up this same tab.

    NOTE: If you do not customize the message, the following default text will be shown to users once they register, regardless of what you have selected for If Multiple Salesforce Contacts Exist: "This account has been blocked for security reasons. Please contact the administrator to activate your account."
  9. Click Save

NOTE: The same message to the user and email to staff will be sent if you have disabled activation of the web account or chosen to allow activation and associate the new web account with the most recently updated Contact. Customize your message according to the option you have chosen. 

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