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How can I create an article on my site that doesn't get indexed by search engines?


If you are looking to create an article that is not indexed by search engine's follow the steps below.

1st Create the Article

  1. Go to Content > Article Manager > (+) New to create a new article
  2. Add your content as desired
  3. In the right hand column under "Metadata Information" there is a field called "Robots" fill that in with: "noindex, nofollow" (without the quotes)
  4. Save the article


2nd Create the Menu Item

  1. Go to Menus > Choose the "Hidden Menu" > click (+) to add a new menu item
  2. Choose the menu type: "Articles > Article Layout"  
  3. Put in the article title, choose the parent item for where you want the menu to live, make sure the menu is set to "published: yes"
  4. In the right hand column under "Parameters (basic)" choose the article that you just created
  5. Save the menu

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