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Can I make an article title not-clickable in the article view, but still clickable in the list view?


When looking at an article in an article view, the title of the article is a self-referencing link that simply routes a user back to the same article they are currently on.

However, if I try to turn that off using by changing the article parameters: "Parameters (advanced) > Title Linkable" and setting to "no" in the article's settings, I see that it also removed the link to the article when the title is displayed in a list view.
Is there a way to turn of the linked title in the article view, yet keep the title a link in the list view?

Unfortunately, there isn't.  Parameter settings in the article have precedence over parameter settings in the menu item - so if you turn linked titles off at the article level, that state will be inherited by the menu item, thus turning it off in the list view.

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