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Why is the error "Missing required fields" shown when submitting a Form to the Lead object even when all fields are filled in?


I have a Forms page that is associated with the Leads object.  However, even if I have all the fields filled in when I submit the form, I still get this red error at the top of the page after submitting:


Why am I getting that error if all of the fields are filled in?

This error message is not referring to the fields in your form.  This message is coming from Salesforce, letting you know that Soapbox is not sending all of the fields that Salesforce requires.  When submitting to the Leads object, you must send the following fields:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Company

Chances are you set up your form without one or more of these fields.  Often, it is the Company field that you are missing.

If you don't want a Company field to show up on the form, you can include it by:

  1. Create the new field in your form associated with the Company field.
  2. Set this new field to be hidden
  3. Set the default value to "Individual".
  4. Click "Save" or "Apply."

This way, you won't have "Company" on your front-end form, but Salesforce will get the value for that field that it requires. See more details about the required Company field here.

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