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Can the Soapbox Team Retrieve My Google Analytics Data For Me?


Google Analytics is a third-party solution for tracking your site's data.  We can activate Google Analytics for your Soapbox site if you pass your Google Analytics ID on to us (instructions for that here) - but we at Soapbox do not have access to your Google Analytics account.

You would log here to get to that:

If you don't know or remember your login information, Google may be able to help you out.  You can use the following instructions to recover your access:

  • Login into an Adwords account (Note: if you are not logged into an adwords account or do not have one, it wont work. You can sign up for an adwords account here.)
  • Go to this link:
  • Click on the “Contact Us” link in the footer.
  • Choose the email option for “Adwords” customers, NOT “Partner Provided Support” for Google Analytics Certified Partners.
  • You will get a screen that lists a couple options. Click “Google Analytics”.
  • The next screen will give you several options. Choose “Can’t Access Analytics.”
  • It will give you a form where you must provide your name, email (should be company branded), phone, Analytics account Id (UA number), Analytics login email, website, and summary of your issue.

There’s no guarantee that your account will be fixed or recovered, but this is your best shot. Also, Google is constantly changing their processes and policies. There is no guarantee as to how long this will be available as a method to recover your account.
If you don't know your UA number referenced above, log into your Soapbox administrator and go:

1) Extensions -> Plugins ->

2) Find the plugin called, "System - Google Analytics" and open it up.

3) Look in the Account Number field.  That should contain your ID number. 

Google often appends the UA- prefix to that number, like this: UA-12345678-1 and that may be required for the recovery process.

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