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Overview of Soapbox Shortcodes


Soapbox Shortcodes allows for WYSIWYG editor-safe code that can be easily added to any place within Soapbox that uses the WYSIWYG edit and some additional spots that don't. The Shortcode inserts HTML or complex javascript that has been defined for your site when a visitor views the page. This is particularly useful in instances where the more complex code might get stripped out by the WYSIWYG editor.

The editor-safe code could look something like this...

This is my article text. It is very interesting, isn't it?

[safelittlecodesnippet]Some text that I want inserted into the fancy, complex code[/safelittlecodesnippet]

And I have yet more to add to this article...

...but translate into any number of things once Soapbox Shortcodes runs it on your site: a Facebook Like Box, a Flickr slideshow widget, an embedded video, specialized text styling, or a variety of other options that require javascript or advanced HTML.

Places to use Soapbox Shortcodes

Soapbox Shortcodes can be inserted in any place in Soapbox that uses the WYSIWYG editor. This includes:

  • Articles
  • Custom HTML Modules
  • Event Details for Soapbox Events
  • Thank You pages for Soapbox Events
  • Page Intros and Outros for Soapbox Donations
  • Thank You pages for Soapbox Donations
  • Page Intros and Outrs for Directories
  • Page Intros and Outros for Forms
  • Location Details for Soapbox Mapper
  • Page Intros and Outros for Soapbox Mapper

Two places which do not use the WYSIWYG editor but can accept Soapbox Shortcodes are:

Reviewing Soapbox Shortcodes available on your site

To review the Soapbox Shortcodes available on your site, go to http://www.[yourdomain]/pages and click on Soapbox Shortcodes. This hidden styling page will show you how the various Shortcodes will render on your site. [Note - this has to be activated on each individual site.  If it's not working for you please open a ticket to request it and we can have it set up for you.]

To use a Soapbox Shortcode in a WYSIWYG editor, you can either type the code directly into the editor or:

  • Click the Soapbox Shortcodes Macros button below the editor
  • Scroll down the list to view all available Soapbox Shortcodes
  • Select the Soapbox Shortcode you wish to use
  • Confirm that the Soapbox Shortcode has been inserted into the WYSIWYG editor
  • Replace all items enclosed in brackets like {variableplaceholders} with the text or parameter you wish to use, making sure that you replace the brackets as well
  • Click Save when finished

Creating Soapbox Shortcodes

If you would like us to add a Soapbox Shortcode to your site for a specific purpose, contact us with details!

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