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Accepting recurring payments with Braintree in the Donations app


If you have selected Braintree as your payment processor and wish to accept recurring payments through the Donations aapp, you will first need to create a Plan through the control panel in your Braintree account. To do so, refer to Braintree's documentation All Abouts Plans.

Once you have created the Plan in Braintree, enter the Plan ID as the Default Plan in the Payment Processor Settings.

If you wish, you may also enter a Plan Id unique to a given Donations app page by doing the following:

  1. Open the Donation app page with which you wish to associate a unique Braintree Plan Id
  2. Go to the Payment tab
  3. For Braintree Plan ID, enter the ID of the Plan
  4. If you haven't done so already, select Show for Recurring Donations
  5. Click Save

Recurring payments accepted through the Donations app will create a Customer in Braintree and a corresponding Subscription for that Customer.

Creating one Plan in Braintree but allowing for different payment amounts in the Donations app

Recurring payments made through the Donations app will be monthly and in the amount selected by the donor on the donation form, regardless of the options you select for your Plan.

This means that a single Donation app page can have any predefined amounts you wish along with the Custom Amount Field enabled while only be associated with a single Plan.

As an example, these two Subscriptions of different amounts were both processed through the same Donations app page and to the same Plan, even though they have different Price amounts, neither of which match the Plan amount of $10.


NOTE: If you wish, you can use the same Plan for multiple Donation app pages or, if you wish to organize payments from different Donation app pages into different Plans in Braintree, create one plan per Donation app page.

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