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Viewing a Forms page from within the Soapbox Engage administrator


To view a Forms page on the front end of your site from within the Soapbox Engage administrator, login to your Soapbox Engage administrator and:

  1. Go to the Forms Pages module on the home page of the administrator. This displays the five most recently edited Forms.
  2. Locate the Forms page you wish to view in the Forms Pages module
  3. Under the column Action in the far right, click the View button. This will open the Forms page in a new browser window.

If the Form you wish to view does not appear in the Forms Pages module:

  1. Click View All in the Forms Pages module --OR-- click Forms in the main menu
  2. In the Forms Manager, open the form you wish to view
  3. On the Info tab, click View next to URL and Customize URL
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