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Sending notification emails to admins and staff with Forms


With Forms, you have the ability to send notification emails to website Administrators and additional individuals of your choosing. This notification can include text or variables corresponding to field values of the new record created in Salesforce from the form submission. NOTE: These field values for the new Salesforce record need not be fields included on the Forms page itself to be included in the notification email.

To set the notification email for a Forms page:

  • Open the Forms page for which you wish to set the confirmation email
  • Click Options
  • Scroll down to Admin Email Options
  • For Email Site Admins, choose Yes to send emails. NOTE: All email addresses associated with Administrator user accounts in Soapbox will receive the notification emails.
  • For Additional Addresses, enter a comma-delimited list of email addresses you wish to receive the notification emails
  • For Admin Email Subject, enter the subject line of the email. NOTE: Variables cannot be used in the subject line
  • For Admin Email Message, use the editor to enter the text you wish to appear in the body of the email. You can include images and other elements that will appear if the recipient's email service accepts HTML-formatted emails. You can also include variables that reference fields in the Salesforce object for the record created by their submission. The format for these variables is {$FieldName}. Common examples include {$FirstName} and {$LastName}.
  • Click Save
For information on locating Salesforce field names, refer to Soapbox Engage: Locating field names.
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