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Enabling a WYSIWYG editor for text area or rich text area fields


If you include a text area or rich text area field from Salesforce on a Forms page, you may choose to display a WYSIWYG editor on the form for use by your visitors. This will allow visitors to easily add basic HTML text formatting, hyperlinks, and other Salesforce-allowed elements.

You will also wish to enable the saving of HTML to Salesforce, as described below. This will allow the unfiltered HTML to be saved to Salesforce for this field. If the field is a text area field, the raw HTML will be displayed in Salesforce. If the field is a rich text field using a WYSIWYG editor in Salesforce, the HTML will be rendered within Salesforce.

If you are including this Salesforce field in a  Directories page in Soapbox, the HTML will always be rendered, whether the Salesforce field is a text area or rich text area field.

To enable an WYSIWYG editor for a text area or rich text area field:

  1. Open the Forms page containing the field for which you wish to add a WYSIWYG editor
  2. Click the Form tab
  3. Click the edit icon for the field
  4. In the popup, select Yes for WYSIWYG Editor
  5. For Enable HTML, select Yes
  6. Click Save for the popup
  7. Click Save for the form

NOTE: If you wish, you may select No for WYSIWYG Editor and Yes for Enable HTML to allow visitors to enter raw HTML into your form field. Only Salesforce-allowed elements will be saved to Salesforce, however.

You may also enter raw HTML into the Default Value of the Salesforce Element. With the WYSIWYG Editor enabled, this Default Value will have its HTML rendered within that editor and allow the visitor to edit it as they wish. 

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