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Creating a Forms page to create a Lead record for Contact Us, Newsletter Signups, Applications, etc.


Want to use Forms to create a Contact Us form? Newsletter Signup? Membership Application? Download Request? Program Inquiry? For web forms like these, we recommend using the Lead object as the entry point for your data along with our Soapbox Forms for Salesforce package. Using this approach, the Lead object acts like a funnel to help keep your main Contact and Account objects clean. You can also map fields from your one Lead form to either the Contact or Account object on conversion, allowing for a more streamlined user experience (e.g. Organization Name, Website, Primary Contact Name, Email Address). 

To setup your form: 

  1. Navigate to the Forms Manager
  2. Click "New"
  3. Give your form a Title (used for internal reference only), set Published to Yes, and Select the Lead object to connect your form to Salesforce
  4. Click "Apply" in order for Soapbox to grab the Lead field information from Salesforce to move forward
  5. Click on the "Form" tab to add various Salesforce elements (fields) to create your form. Note that any fields that are required in Salesforce will also be required on your Soapbox form. By default this includes: 
    1. Last Name - this is an easy one because most forms will include both First and Last Name fields as published elements
    2. Company - for this required field, you have three options:
      1. Include the element as a published field on your form. This works well for scenarios like membership applications on behalf of an organization where the company name field should be included anyhow. 
      2. For use cases that do not need company/org names such as Contact Us or Newsletter Signup forms, set the Hidden parameter to Yes for the required Company field element and setting the Default Value to "Individual". If you are using the Nonprofit Success Pack with either the one-to-one or individual bucket model and version 1.3+ of our Soapbox Forms for Salesforce package for auto-conversions, using "Individual" as the default value will ensure that auto-conversions match and create individual contacts and do not create duplicate accounts each time. 
      3. If you are using standard Salesforce without the Nonprofit Success Pack, you can set the Default Value to a value of your choosing. Note that doing so will create separate accounts of that default value each time a Lead gets converted.
  6. Add any other fields to your Forms page as you see fit, customizing the field labels and settings.
  7. Verify your field mappings in Salesforce to make sure any custom fields are set to map to the appropriate locations on the Contact and/or Account objects after conversion. 
  8. In the Options tab, Add confirmation messages and any additional language customizations under the Options tab.
  9. If you've installed our Soapbox Forms for Salesforce package, set the Record Type to "Soapbox Submit" in order to fire our auto-conversion trigger. Note that our auto-conversion does not create Opportunity records. If you would like your form to generate and map fields to Opportunities, please choose a different record type and manually convert these leads.
  10. Save your form. 
  11. Test your form from the frontend to make sure everything is working as expected. (If you're using the full Soapbox CMS, you can create a menu item to view your form using the instructions here). 
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