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Understanding options for the required Lead Company field on a Forms page


When creating a Forms page to the Lead object, the Company field is required by Salesforce in order for the data to post properly. There are several options for this field depending on your specific form and Salesforce model: 

  1. Include the element as a published field on your form. This works well for scenarios like membership applications on behalf of an organization where the company name field should be included anyhow. 
  2. Include the field as a Hidden field by setting the Hidden parameter to "Yes". This works best for forms that do not need company/org names such as Contact Us or Newsletter Signup forms. 
    1. If you are using the Nonprofit Success Pack and version 1.3+ of our Soapbox Forms for Salesforce package to auto-convert leads, set the Default Value to "Individual". This will ensure that auto-conversions create individual contacts and do not create duplicate accounts each time. This works with both contact models of the NPSP (one-to-one or individual bucket). 
    2. If you are using standard Salesforce without the Nonprofit Success Pack, you can set the Default Value to a value of your choosing such as "Individual" or "No Company". Note that doing so will create separate Account records with that default Account Name each time a Lead gets converted. 
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