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Matching Forms submissions' Contacts to existing Accounts


When using the Forms app, you may find that individuals submitting forms are doing so from the same organizations.  When that happens, more often than not Salesforce is going to create a second Account record upon the auto-conversion executed by Soapbox Forms for Salesforce's managed package.  And that means duplicate data (Account records).  Boo!

Here's an easy way to avoid duplicate Account records from being created, by leveraging the Authorized Account Domain object provided in the Soapbox Forms for Salesforce managed package.

1) Login to your Salesforce account.

2) Go to the Account record of an organization you want to avoid duplicating.

3) If needed, add the related list "Authorized Account Domains" to the Account page layout.

4) Click the New button on the Authorized Account Domains related list.

5) Fill in the fields on the Authorized Account Domains new record page with the appropriate information for this Account.  For instance, if the account is "PICnet", and the domain you want to have all future email addresses from new Contacts match is "", add "" as an authorized account domain, and click Save.

6) Ensure that within your Soapbox Engage Forms app page you're sending data to the Lead object and using the record type "Soapbox Submit".

That's it!  Happy Account matching!

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