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Customizing the URL, Page Title, and default behavior of a Directories page


To customize the URL and Page Title or define the default behavior of a Directories page:

  1. From the Directories Pages module on the home page of the administrator or the Info tab on the Directories page you wish to edit, click Customize URL
  2. In the popup, for Page Link, enter a custom URL you wish to use. This should be web-safe, containing no spaces or characters no suitable for inclusion in a URL.
  3. For Page Title, enter the text you wish to appear in the page title bar of the visitor's browser and in search engine results
  4. For Enable Search Form, choose Yes if you want your visitors to search for their own criteria using visible fields on the Form tab of your Directories page
  5. For Enable Show/Hide, choose Yes if you want the search fields to collapse or display by the visitor clicking a Show / Hide button next to the form
  6. For Enable Default Results, choose Yes if you want results to appear on the search form before anyone filters
  7. Click Save
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