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Refining Directories results with variables passed through a URL


If you have a Directories page that is set to display default results, you can create links to that Directories page which include variables that further refine the results. Any field included on the search form can be used whether it is hidden or not, provided it doesn't have a Default Value identified.

For the field you wish to filter on, use the Salesforce Name. This name can be viewed in the Directories page's Search tab in the Element column.

For an example of the formatting for the full url, review this link that filters our Portfolio page:

This link opens our Portfolio page and displays only the matching records where Project Type is "Non-Profit Soapbox". You may add additional values to the filter like this:

Considerations with Picklists

If you are filtering on a Picklist field type and you are customizing the picklist values in Soapbox, be sure to use the value as originally defined in Salesforce for your search term.

For instance, if you have adjusted values on a Member Status picklist field to read "Silver Member", "Gold Member", and "Platinum Member" - rather than, say, "Silver Level", "Gold Level" and "Platinum Level" as is in Salesforce - you will need to still search on "Silver Level", "Gold Level" and "Platinum Level" rather than the adjusted values.

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