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Resolving error: "Error retrieving record" on a Directories List View or Record View


If when you are trying to bring up a List View or a Record View of a record using Directories on the front-end, and you get the following error: "Error retrieving record" in a red box - it is likely that one of the fields that the record view is trying to pull has been changed or deleted.

In Salesforce check the object that the Directories form is accessing, and make sure each field that it is trying to access is still there and available to Soapbox. If you have recently deleted or renamed any fields in the object, this is probably the case.

You may also review each field in Soapbox by clicking the Edit button to verify that the Salesforce Field drop down is populated. If it isn't that suggests the field no longer exists in Salesforce or that the Salesforce user Soapbox is using no longer has access to that field.

To re-add the Salesforce field in Soapbox:

  1. Log Into your Soapbox Admin
  2. Navigate to the Directories Manager
  3. Select the Directories form that has been effected
  4. Select the List View or Record Display tab - depending on which view has been effected.
  5. Find the field that has been effected and click the red "x" to the far right to delete it.
  6. Now click Add Salesforce Element
  7. In the "Salesforce Field " dropdown, find the new version of the field and select it.
  8. Set any other setting there as needed
  9. Save the popup
  10. Save the form
  11. Clear the site cache (Instructions for that here.)

And test things out.  You should now be able to view the record.

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