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Installing your Soapbox Petitions for Salesforce Packages


The first step in your adventure towards getting up and running with Soapbox Petitions will be to install both of the Soapbox Petitions packages in your salesforce account.

Please note that if you are working with a Salesforce consultant you may be able to skip this step! Be sure to reach out to your consultant before installing these packages. 

How to Install the Packages

To install the packages, please follow the step by step instructions provided in the installation guide below. Please note that you must follow these instructions verbatim. You cannot simply skip to the package links below and install the packages now without going through the additional steps laid out in the installation instructions.

About the Packages

There is one managed packages that need to be installed (Soapbox Petitions for Salesforce). This packages contain all of the code that ensures our petition tool will properly convert leads to contacts and create the correct campaign member records in your Salesforce account. There is also one unmanaged package (Soapbox Petitions QuickStart for Salesforce). This contain the fields that are needed for the tool to work properly.

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