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Why are CVV and Postal Code shown as "Not Provided" for recurring transactions in Braintree?


When viewing a transaction directly in Braintree for a recurring payment, you may notice that the CVV Response is listed as "Not provided (I)." and the AVS Response shows "Postal Code not provided (I)." even though these values are required of the end user when submitting a recurring payment:

The reason for this is due to the workflow used when processing recurring payments with Braintree. Specifically, the credit card used for the recurring donation along with the CVV and postal code information is verified by Braintree. Upon verification, Braintree creates a special code, or nonce, symbolizing the verified credit card and uses it to create the customer record in its Vault. This record is created without the CVV or postal code information. The Vault record is then used to process the initial payment and all subsequent payments for this recurring transaction. Since the credit card had already been verified, the CVV and Postal Code are not verified again and the status for each is shown as "Not provided (I)." and "Postal Code not provided (I)." respectively.

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