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Soapbox Mapper


Soapbox Mapper is a powerful and customizable map application which uses the Google Maps platform and fits seamlessly into your Soapbox site.

Interested in adding Soapbox Mapper to your site? Contact us to discuss pricing and implementation.

Create Locations

Display Map

Manage Categories

Manage Attributes

Attributes are fields that offer you the ability to structure content for your locations. Don't want to lump everything you have to say about a location into the standard description field? Need a field to identify the principal for school locations or a list of activities for senior centers? You can with Attributes in Soapbox Mapper
  • Populate data in standard Attribute fields for Phone, Phone 2, Fax, House, and Website fields
  • Create custom Attribute fields to structure location data
  • Show or hide Attribute fields across multiple areas of the mapper application, including the map bubble, results list on the map view, and location detail view

Customize Search Tools

Upload bulk locations

  • Upload a formatted CSV file to create bulk locations
  • Include custom Attributes as part of CSV upload process
  • Download preformatted CSV file to use as a template for data collection and upload process

Integration with your site

  • Integrated site design so your events and calendar look like your site
  • Leverage Taxonomy structure for applied terms to individual locations
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