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Training Webinar: Successful Online Advocacy with Soapbox Engage


The Trump era has begun, bringing a sea change across the nation. Are you prepared to advocate? Now more than ever, you need tools to amplify your voice and the voice of your constituents to pressure leaders to make right choices and hold them accountable for their results.

With Soapbox Petitions and Soapbox Actions, you can mobilize your supporters through your calls to action and pressure elected officials and custom targets to bring about the change you seek. Delight your supporters with elegant, mobile-friendly forms, slash overhead with real-time integration with Salesforce, and turn support into results to rock the world for social good. Whether you need to update your organization's primary call to action page or create a campaign-specific appeal in a flash, this webinar will walk you through the basics of advoacy with Soapbox Engage - plus toss in a few pro tips as well!

At the end of this 45-minute webinar at 3 pm ET which originally aired on March 30, 2017, you will learn how to:

  • Create a new online petition to gather signatures in support of your call to action
  • Create a new online action that calls on supporters to write the President, U.S. House members, state upper and lower house members, and custom targets
  • Define who can act by state, federal Congressional district or state Congressional district
  • Customize the appeal, field text, and elements of the user experience for petitions and actions
  • Create automated thank you messages and emails that are shared with you supporter immediately
  • Search, review, and download supporter data from within Soapbox Engage
  • Save supporter data in real-time to Salesforce and associate it with a Campaign for easy reporting and data management
  • Leverage marketing analytics to evaluate the success of your advocacy efforts
  • Protect your advocacy pages against spam
  • Integrate Soapbox Petitions and Soapbox Actions with other powerful apps in the Soapbox Engage suite

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