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Changing the Subscription Duration for ARB Subscriptions in Authorize.net


If needed, you can change the Subscription Duration for ARB Subscriptions directly in Authorize.net. To do so, login to your Authorize.net account and find the ARB Subscription in question under Recurring Billing. Open the detail view of that ARB Subscription and click Edit Subscription.

Under Subscription Duration, select one of the following options, entering in the value you wish for the End Date or Ends After options:

  • No End Date (ongoing subscription)
  • End Date XX/XX/XXXX
  • Ends After XX occurrences
NOTE: As of 5/18/2017, all recurring donations made through the Donations app using Authorize.net as the payment process are set as ongoing subscriptions with no end date. Any recurring donation started prior to 5/18/2017 with the Donations app was set to end after 12 occurrences.
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