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Setting the FROM email address, FROM email name, and REPLY-TO email address for emails to targets


For supporter actions delivered to targets via email, the Actions app prioritizes a number of goals on behalf of your organization and its advocacy efforts:

  • Ensure maximum deliverability of emails by adhering to industry-wide best practices conforming to CAN-SPAM Act standards and enforcing valid Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records
  • Provide flexibility to you as an organization so you can highlight either your individual supporter or your organization as the from name of emails to targets
  • Ensure that targets can respond directly to supporters with any follow up communication rather than routing this communication through your organization or a Soapbox email address

FROM Email Address

The FROM email address for communications via an Action form to a target needs to be a verified sender setup with your Amazon Simple Email Services account; meaning, it needs to be an email address associated with your organization and, as such, conforms to CAN-SPAM Act standards. You can select which verified email address you wish to use in the Configuration view.

FROM Email Name

The FROM Email Name is the friendly name that appears in the inbox of the recipient. You can set this FROM Email Name to use either:

  • The First Name and Last Name of the supporter; or
  • An Actions app-wide custom name you define

You can select which to use in the Email From Name Format toggle as well as define the app-wide Org From Email Name to Targets on the Configuration view:


Examples of each version can be seen here:

Use Org From Email Name


Use Supporter First and Last Name


REPLY-TO Email Address

By default, the REPLY-TO email address is set to the email address of the constituent submitting the form. This allows targets to communicate directly with their constituents rather than having that communication directed back to your organization. Their email address is also included with their name at the closing of the message.

If you wish, you can alter the REPLY-TO Email Address to use an Organization email address. To do so:

  • Open Actions > Configuration
  • For Reply-To Email Address to Targets, choose Use Org Reply-To Email Address
  • For Org Reply-To Email Address to Targets, enter the email address you wish to use as the Reply-To
    NOTE: If Use Org Reply-To Email Address is selected but no Org Reply-To Email Address to Targets is specified, the constituent's email address will still be used
  • Click Save
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