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Enabling U.S. Senators as a Pre-Defined Targets


With the Actions app, you can enable your supporters to send messages to their U.S. Senators in support of your advocacy efforts, if you have elected to include the U.S. Senate as an add on service for Actions. Messages sent to the U.S. Senate are delivered by the Actions app using the KnowWho communication service. A KnowWho Customer Code is required to enable U.S. Senators as Pre-Defined Targets. For details on obtaining a KnowWho Customer Code, please feel free to submit a ticket to us.

Once you have KnowWho Customer Code, you can enable U.S. Senators a Pre-Defined Targets for Actions by doing the following:

  1. Open the Configuration view
  2. For Send Messages Through, select Amazon Simple Email Service + KnowWho
  3. Confirm that KnowWho Customer Code parameter appears below the AWS parameters
  4. Enter the KnowWho Customer Code
  5. Click Save

You are now able to add U.S. Senators as a Pre-Defined Target on the Action tab of any Action.

NOTE: Inclusion of the U.S. Senate as targets for an Action is an add on service. Please review our Pricing page for details.
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