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Fraud management options in PayPal Website Payments Pro


Your PayPal Website Payments Pro account with which Soapbox integrates offers two levels of fraud management to protect you from fraudulent transactions. The following are details PayPal itself provides regarding their offerings along with instructions for enabling them. For Basic Fraud Management Filters, you will have access in your PayPal account only to the options for which you can customize settings. For things like CVV2, there are no additional settings beyond the automatic check that PayPal performs to confirm the Security Code submitted:

Basic Fraud Management Filters are available on PayPal Website Payments Pro accounts. This is a standard feature that allows you to indicate whether you would like to review, deny, or flag transactions. You can set values based on the following criteria:

  • AVS: Address Verification System filters the accuracy of the billing address. If the billing address is not accurate the filter will be triggered. 
  • CVV2: This filter checks the 3 digit security code on the back of the card. If the Security Code is wrong the filter will be triggered.
  • Maximum Transaction Amount filters the total amount of the transaction (including tax, shipping, and handling fees). Transactions that exceed the maximum amount trigger this filter.
  • Unconfirmed Address filters payments when we have not confirmed the customer’s shipping address and the transaction is more than an amount you specify.
  • Country Monitor filters payments from countries that you believe pose an increased risk of fraud. This filter screens the customer's IP address, billing address, and shipping address for matches with your list of high-risk countries.
Here’s how to set up your basic Fraud Management Filters:
  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click the Profile icon at the top of the page.
  3. Click My selling tools.
  4. Click Update near “Managing risk and fraud.”
  5. Click Edit Your Filter Settings.
  6. Check the boxes next to the filters you wish to activate. Unchecked boxes indicate the filter is inactive.
  7. Select the desired filter action in the drop-down menu of each active filter.
  8. Set your filter values.
  9. Click Save.
The filter actions allow you to decide if you want to review, deny, or flag your transactions.
  • Review: Transactions are placed in a pending state until you accept or deny them.
  • Deny: Transactions are automatically denied.
  • Flag: Transactions are flagged so that you can observe filter performance.
Depending on your business, you may have the ability to upgrade to Advanced Fraud Management Filters. The Advanced Filter package gives you more control and flexibility to manage your exposure to risk on your Direct Credit Card and Virtual Terminal payments.
The fee for the Advanced Fraud Management Filter package is $20.00 USD per month plus $0.05 USD per transaction. This fee applies to all transactions and is non-refundable.Here's how to upgrade to Advanced Fraud Management Filters:
  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click Profile.
  3. Click My Selling Tools.
  4. Click Update near Managing Risk and Fraud.
  5. Click Upgrade Now!
  6. Read the information about Advanced Fraud Management Filters, and click Upgrade Now under "Start today."
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