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Locating your AWS Host URL to enter into Actions Configuration


In order to setup Actions to send emails to targets using your Amazon Simple Email Services account, you'll need to enter your Amazon Host URL as one of the parameters in the Actions Configuration. Amazon Host URLs are formatted like this:

To locate your Amazon Host URL:

  • Login to your Amazon Web Services account
  • Go to Services > Customer Engagement > Simple Email Services
  • In the right column under Email Sending, click SMTP Settings
  • Locate the Server Name parameter in the SMTP Settings. It will look something like
  • Append everything after the first dot (.) to https://email. This is your Amazon Host URL. Enter this value for the Amazon Host URL parameter in the Actions Configuration.
PRO TIP: You can also get the Amazon Host URL by checking out the URL you are on when you login to Amazon and open Simple Email Services. The URL will look something like this: You can take the region parameter and insert it into https://email.[region]
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