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Applying a Page Class Suffix to a menu item


If you have CSS in your standard template or custom template that is coded to be applied to a specific menu item, you can add what's called a Page Class Suffix to the menu item.

Page Class Suffixes are added as HTML classes to the body tag of a page. This allows a designer to target styling elements to only pages with this Page Class Suffix applied.

To apply a Page Class Suffix to a menu item:

  1. Go to the Menu Manager for your administrator
  2. Open the menu that contains the menu item to which you wish to apply the Page Class Suffix by clicking the icon in the Menu Item(s) column. For most Engage sites without the Soapbox content management system, this will likely be the Hidden Menu or Soapbox Engage Menu but can vary based on your site structure.
  3. Click the menu item you wish to edit
  4. Click the Parameters (System) heading to expand this section
  5. For Page Class Suffix, enter the suffix
  6. Click Save
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