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Setting a menu item only be accessible to logged in users


If your site has a password-protected area, you can determine which of the following user access levels should be able to view a given menu item:

  • Public
  • Registered
  • Special

For an overview of these levels, Setting the Group for users accessing the front end of your website.

By default, anyone who is a Public user can only access menu items set to Public. Anyone who is a Registered user has access to Public and Registered menu items. Anyone who is a Special user can access Public, Registered and Special menu items.

If a user is not logged in and they attempt to access a page that is set to Registered or Special access, they will be shown the standard login form. Upon successfully logging in, they will be redirected to the original page.

To set the access level for a menu item:

  1. Go to the Menu Manager and open the menu item you wish to edit
  2. For Access Level, choose Public, Registered or Special
  3. Click Save


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