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Creating new Soapbox Engage users from a Salesforce automation


Soapbox Engage strives to provide powerful integration features that enhance an organization's ability to connect with an audience through Salesforce. A request we occasionally receive involves the automation of creating Soapbox Engage portal users directly from Salesforce, such as through a Salesforce Flow.

This article aims to clarify our current capabilities and next steps in our approach to Soapbox Engae user creation.

Current capabilities

Soapbox Engage offers robust integration with Salesforce, allowing for a seamless flow of data between Salesforce Contact records and a Soapbox Engage user. This integration facilitates a variety of engagement tasks, enhancing an organization's efficiency and user experience.

However, as of now, Soapbox Engage does not support the automatic creation of portal users directly from Salesforce automation services such as Flows.

Looking forward

We understand the desire for more automated processes and are continually exploring ways to enhance our integration capabilities safely and effectively. Our team is dedicated to finding solutions that align with our commitment to security, data integrity, and user satisfaction.

Support and feedback

We value feedback and are here to support users in leveraging Soapbox Engage alongside Salesforce to its fullest potential. Please share any suggestions, questions, or requests for assistance by creating a new support ticket.

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