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Exploring options for targeting federal level executive branch members with an Action


Soapbox Engage is committed to continuously improving and expanding our offerings to better serve our community. However, some specific functionalities, like the ability to select a Predefined Target for federal level executive branch members using the Actions app, are unfortunately not currently supported. 

Alternative approach

While this specific feature is not available for selecting a Predefined Target for federal level executive branch members, we recommend creating a Custom Target using an email address for the given individual, if you have access to their email address. This Custom Target can then be used for your Action.

Future considerations

While we always seek to enhance our platform based on user feedback and emerging needs, we cannot guarantee the inclusion of specific features in future updates. The development of new features involves extensive research, testing, and consideration to ensure they align with our vision and future roadmap.

Providing feedback and suggestions

Your input is valuable to us. If you have suggestions, feedback, or would like to see this feature in future versions of our platform, please let us know by creating a new support ticket.

Stay updated

For the latest updates on new features, enhancements, and our platform capabilities through the following channels.

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