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Understanding ticket views in Soapbox Engage Check-in app


The Soapbox Engage Check-in App offers a seamless way for organizations using Salesforce to manage event check-ins with ease.  By utilizing Salesforce Campaigns, it ensures that your event management process is streamlined and efficient.

One of the key features of this application is its ability to display all ticket records associated with a specific campaign directly within the app. This feature ensures that event organizers have instant access to a comprehensive list of attendees. However, it's important to understand the current limitations regarding ticket filtering within the app.

Ticket display functionality

When you select a campaign within the Soapbox Engage Check-in app, the system automatically retrieves and displays all associated ticket records.  This functionality is designed to provide quick access to the complete list of tickets, making it easier for event staff to manage check-ins at the door. Whether you're scanning QR codes or swiping attendee names, the app ensures that every ticket tied to the campaign is visible and accessible.

Understanding the limitations

As of now, the Soapbox Engage Check-in app does not support additional filtering options for the tickets displayed. This means that users cannot apply custom filters to narrow down the list of tickets based on specific criteria such as ticket type, purchase date, attendee status, etc. The app presents a straightforward view showing all tickets for the campaign, with no options to customize this view further.

Looking ahead

We continuously strive to enhance the Soapbox Engage Check-in app by listening to our users' feedback. Enhancing ticket filtering capabilities is on our radar, and we are exploring ways to introduce more flexible and powerful filtering options in future updates.

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