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Using merge fields in Forms app emails with Salesforce


The Soapbox Engage Forms application empowers nonprofit organizations to create web forms that seamlessly submit data directly to Salesforce.  Each form created is uniquely linked to a single Salesforce object, enabling the utilization of fields within this object as dynamic merge fields. These merge fields can personalize email confirmations sent to users or administrators by incorporating submitted form data.

How to format merge fields

When setting up confirmation emails, data from a form submission can be included in the body of the message by using merge fields. To do so, use the following format.


Here, "FieldName" represents the precise field name in Salesforce. It's important to note that this refers to the field name itself, not the label displayed in Salesforce.  If the field name includes the "__c" suffice, it should be omitted in the merge field.


If a Salesforce object includes a field named FavoriteColor__c, the corresponding merge field in the confirmation email body should be formatted as follows.

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