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Conditionally require fields or image uploads based on a controlling checkbox field value


In Forms, it is possible to conditionally require a field or image upload based on a checkbox value. Specifically, for a field or image upload you have set as required, you can select a checkbox field included on a given Form such that, if the value of that checkbox is false, the field or image will not be required to submit the form.

To set a field or image upload as conditional required, you must first have created the checkbox Salesforce Element that will be used as the controlling field. After that:

  1. Open the Forms page containing the checkbox Salesforce Element
  2. Click the Form tab
  3. Click the edit button of the Salesforce Element or Add Image element you wish to make conditionally required
  4. For Required, select Yes
  5. For the "Skip requirement if following field is false" parameter that appears, tick the box


  6. For the picklist to the right, select the controlling checkbox field. The picklist will default to the first checkbox field Soapbox locates on the Form.
  7. Click Save in the modal popup
  8. Click Save

Common Use Case

This conditional requirement functionality is commonly used by organizations who have web users logging to create an application, edit it over one or more sessions, and submit the application when all is complete. This functionality allows organizations to set certain fields as not required when the logged in user initially creates or subsequently edits an application - but enforces them as required when the logged in user marks their application as ready for final submission.

The expected controlling field would be a checkbox where the logged in user is able to tick the box to acknowledge that they are ready for final submission when they save the record.

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