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Accepting recurring payments with Stripe in the Donations app


If you have selected Stripe as your payment processor and wish to accept recurring payments through the Donations app, you will first need to create a Product and a Pricing Plan through the control panel in your Stripe account. These will be used to create a new Subscription in Stripe for the recurring donation. You will need at least one Product and one Pricing Plan to process recurring donations through Stripe.

To do so:

  1. Login to Stripe
  2. Go to Products
  3. Click New
  4. For Product Name, enter a name for the product. We suggest something akin to "Online monthly donation".
  5. Click Create Product
  6. On the next screen, enter a Plan Nickname. You can enter the same text you used for the Product Name: "Online monthly donation".
  7. Leave Id blank to allow Stripe to generate this
  8. For Pricing, keep Recurring Quantity selected
  9. For Price per Unit, enter "0.01"
  10. Click Add Pricing Plan
  11. On the subsequent view, click the name of the pricing plan you created under the Pricing Plans section
  12. On the Pricing Plan detail view, locate and copy the Plan Id. This will start with "plan_".

Once you have created the a Product and a Pricing Plan, enter the Plan ID as the Default Plan in the Payment Processor Settings.

Recurring payments accepted through the Donations app will create a Customer in Stripe and a corresponding Subscription for that Customer.

While the Payment Processor Settings accepts a Default Plan, you may also enter a unique Plan for individual Donation app pages.

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