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Creating a webhook with Stripe to receive recurring payment notifications


If you are using the Donations app to accept recurring donations using Stripe as your payment gateway, you can have notification of the subsequent monthly transactions sent to Soapbox to be stored in the Donations > Transactions. If you have Salesforce integration enabled, this will also create a record in Salesforce for the subsequent transaction.

In order to enable this functionality, you'll need to create a webhook in Stripe that will instruct Stripe to update Soapbox whenever a subsequent monthly transaction is processed for an ongoing recurring donation. To do so:

  1. Login to Stripe
  2. Click the Developers link
  3. Click the Webhooks tab
  4. Click + Add Endpoint link
  5. On the Listen to Stripe events page, enter the following information
    1. For the Endpoint URL field, choose one of the following
      1. If using a Soapbox Engage standard domain, replace {myaccountprefix} (without the curly brackets) with the prefix of your Soapbox Engage account:
      2. If using a Soapbox Engage custom domain, replace {} (without the curly brackets) with your Soapbox Engage account's domain:
    2. Description =  "Soapbox Engage endpoint"
    3. Listen to = "Events on your account"
    4. Version = (leave as defaulted)
    5. Select events to listen to
      1. customer.subscription.deleted
      2. invoice.payment_succeeded
  6. Click Add events button

Once the webhook is in place, notification will be sent to Soapbox Engage whenever a subsequent payment is made on both existing and future recurring donations in Stripe. Records added to the Donations > Transactions view will have a Payment Occurrence of “Subsequent recurring."

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