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Why do I receive a "Invalid Amazon Configuration" error message when saving my Actions app configuration?


When updating your Actions app's configuration, especially when editing any Amazon Web Services information, you might receive the following error message upon saving your configuration.

Invalid Amazon Configuration

If this happens, here's a few things to try in order to fix the situation.

  1. Ensure that the Amazon Web Services user you're using has full access to the Simple Email Service (Amazon SES)
    1. Login to your Amazon Web Services Management Console
    2. Go to the Identity and Access Management
    3. In the left navigation, click on Users
    4. On the Users screen, click on the name of the user that is associated with the Amazon API keys you've entered in the Actions app
    5. If "AmazonSESFullAccess" is not listed as a permission for the user...
      1. click the "Add permissions" button
      2. On the Add Permissions screen, click "Attach existing policies directly"
      3. Search for "AmazonSESFullAccess"
      4. In the results, tick the checkbox next to AmazonSESFullAccess
      5. Click "Next: Review" button
      6. Click "Add permissions" button
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