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Setting a menu item to appear only based on exact match of user access level


If your site has a password-protected area, you can determine which of the following user access levels should be able to view a given menu item:

  • Public
  • Registered
  • Special

For an overview of these levels, Setting the Group for users accessing the front end of your website.

By default, anyone who is a Public user can only access menu items set to Public. Anyone who is a Registered user has access to Public and Registered menu items. Anyone who is a Special user can access Public, Registered and Special menu items.

If you wish to override this default so only individuals in a given access level can access a menu item, you can tick the Exact Access Level Only checkbox for a menu item in the add/edit view of the menu item in the Menu Manager. For menu items with this checkbox ticked, they behave as follows:

  • Public: Only anonymous (non-logged in) Public users will see Registered items. Once someone logs in, they can no longer see this menu item. This is ideal for the Login menu item itself.
  • Registered: Only logged in Registered users can access this menu item. Special users cannot access it.
  • Special: Only logged in Special users can access this menu item. This is no change from the default behavior.
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