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Customizing default landing page for logged in web users


By default, users who successfully login to the site are redirect to "/member-center". To customize the content which appears on the Member Center page:

  • In the administrator main menu, go to Content > Article Manager
  • In the Article Manager, click Member Center in the Title column
  • In the article edit view, for Title, enter the text to appear at the top of the page
  • In the main content editor, customize the text you wish to display on this page. You may use the WYSIWYG editor to add images, embed videos, apply styles to text, add hyperlinks, and perform various other tasks. For more on using the WYSIWYG editor, see the Using the Content Editor forum.
  • Click Save

You may also opt to change the menu type entirely so that you can display different content such as a Directory showing the logged in user's Contact information.

If you wish to alter the URL of the page so it is no longer "/member-center":

  • In the administrator main menu, go to Menus > User Menu
  • In the Menu Item Manager that opens, click Member Center in the Menu Item column
  • In the left column, customize the Title, if you wish the page title to be something other than "Member Center"
  • For Alias, customize the URL for this page, if you wish it to be something other than "/member-center"
  • Click Save
  • Go to "Customizing the Login page" above and edit the Login Redirection URL parameter to match the new alias
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