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Customizing front-end user registration experience


You have some options for customizing what your front-end users see with they interact with your User Integration experience. These include creating a direct URL to registration, as well as some message customization.

Customizing the default system user registration page and enabling reCAPTCHA

You have some control over the appearance of the registration page, adding an intro and outro, as well as turning on reCAPTCHA for some added security.

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Customizing the message shown upon successful user registration

When a new user registers, you can customize they message they see letting them know they’ve successfully done so.  You can offer more information about what their membership means, or further instructions or actions then should take.

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Customizing the activation message when users click the activation link

When new users first register, they will get an email with a link to activate their account.  It’s possible to edit the message they see on the landing page after clicking the link.  This allows you to offer a welcome message, further instructions, or any info you think might be helpful to welcome and orient your new users.

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Creating a menu item to accept registrations for new web user accounts

Generally, new users would go to your login page, and click the “Register” link to register or you can send them directly to /login/register.  However, if you want to create a custom URL for your registration page, here are instructions to do so:

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