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Managing who can login with a front-end user account


Soapbox allows you to control who can and can’t log in.  Log-in access can be blocked or granted based on a Salesrforce field (allowing you to use Salesforce automation to determine who should and shouldn’t be able to log in) and you can restrict login to only users with Accounts and/or Contacts in Salesforce.

Blocking user from logging in based on Salesforce field

If you would like to set a specific custom Contact field to determine a given user’s ability to log in, Soapbox allows you to do this.  This is perfect for automating membership expirations, for example, or turning on access automatically when membership fees are paid.

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Blocking user accounts without a Salesforce Contact or Account

You can allow potential users to register, even if they don’t have an Account or Contact associated with their email address.  However, it’s also possible to block any site visitor that does not have a Contact and/or Account from registering for a membership - allowing you to limit registration to known users, for example.

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