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Editing a standard template using the Template Designer


For sites that use the standard template, you can edit your templates using the Template Designer. To make changes to any standard template currently being used on the site, we recommend copying it, editing that copy, and then applying the finalized version to your live site.

The Template Designer allows you to alter base styles using preset parameters. In addition, you can add custom CSS that targets any element on the site that you wish. This requires knowledge of CSS and HTML. The Soapbox Engage Standard Template that comes with Soapbox Engage has a combination of both base styles in the preset parameters and Custom CSS.

To edit a standard template:

  1. Open the Template Designer Manager
  2. Click the standard template you wish to edit
  3. To edit the name of the standard template, click the edit icon to the left of the name in the upper left, alter the name in the text field that appears, and click enter
  4. To change the page that is displayed in the Preview pane, enter the URL for any page on your site in the Preview field in the upper left. By default, the first Donation page on your site is displayed.
  5. To change the preview pane to Desktop or Mobile view, click the Desktop or Mobile icon next to the Preview field
  6. In the left pane, you can alter styles and images in each of the following sections by scrolling and clicking on their titles to expand the parameters: General, Typography, Links, and Portal Menu. Altering the style parameters will update the preview pane in real-time. Changes will not be made effective on the front-end of the site until clicking Save or Apply.

    NOTE: If a style you alter in the left pane does not change the preview, it is likely that there is custom CSS that is overriding this setting.
  7. To edit the custom CSS for the site, click the Custom CSS icon in the upper right. In the popup, you can freely edit any CSS for the site that you wish. When done, click Save.

    NOTE: Saving the Custom CSS will apply changes to the live site immediately.
  8. If the template you are editing is not the default template for the site, you can choose to assign it to specific menu items. To do so, click Menu Assignment, select the menu items to which you wish to apply the template, and click Save.

To save your changes and exit to the Template Designer Manager, click Save.

To save you changes and remain in the Template Designer to continue editing, click Apply.

To discard all changes since last open or saving the template in the Template Designer, click Cancel.


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