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Updating Credit Card Information for Subscriptions in Soapbox



With a recent release, we’ve extended the functionality of the Subscriptions view in the administrator to allow admins to edit credit card information associated with a given subscription. Now, when a donor contacts an organization to update their credit card information for a recurring gift, staff can update the credit card directly with the payment processor and then record those changes in Soapbox on the Subscription record.

This allows the information to be kept up-to-date in the Soapbox administrator as well as on the My Transactions view when logged in users view their subscription information.

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  1. Improved management capabilities with new Subscription management view

  2. Edit credit card information directly from Subscription management view

  3. Display "Edit Credit Card" as page heading of edit credit card view for Subscription detail view

  4. Display "Edit Credit Card" button on Subscription detail view if Payment Type is credit card

  5. Show form with credit card field values available for editing when admin clicks on Edit Credit Card

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  1. Updating credit card information for a Subscription in Soapbox

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