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Adding support for smart redirects for SAML login from Events registration pages



This release adds support for smart redirects for front-end users logging in with SAML single sign on from Event registration pages. When an anonymous visitors is on a registration page that has tickets accessible to logged in users, a login prompt can be displayed dynamically to alert them and present them with a login link. When the visitor clicks the login link and successfully enters their credentials using the standard Soapbox login process, they are returned to the Event registration page.

Now, with this update, the same redirect back to the Event registration page occurs for front-end visitors logging in using SAML single sign on. This improves user experience and ensures you won’t miss out on any event registrations because of redirects!

Happy Soapboxing!


  1. Return end user to Events registration page after SAML single sign on login

How-To Articles

  1. Display a login prompt to anonymous front-end users on event detail page
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