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Introducing the Soapbox Engage Popups app



This huge release marks the arrival of the Soapbox Engage Popups app, the latest tool in our suite of online engagement apps. With the Popups app, you can easily create and control popups that appear on your main website from within the Soapbox administrator. These popups can drive site visitors to key Soapbox pages, such as the donation page for your latest fundraising campaign or the event registration page for your upcoming gala.

Popups are easy to create as an administrator! With an intuitive Popup Manager, you can create and publish an unlimited number of popups, and give them unique titles, descriptions, and images with just a few clicks.

See your donations multiply, gain newsletter subscribers, or encourage event registrations— with Soapbox Engage Popups, the possibilities are endless!


A popup can have one or more action buttons that you define as well as a cancel button that allows the visitor to close the Popup. You can set destination URL(s) for the action button(s) to direct visitors to another webpage or a webpage anchor.


There are three types of triggers that can open a Popup. You can use one, two or all three to open the popup, though it is customary to have only one trigger per popup.

Trigger popups to show:

  1. On Exit-Intent: This fires when the visitor's mouse moves out of the browser window.

  2. After X Percent Scrolling: This fires when the visitor moves down the percentage of the page you define.

  3. After X Seconds: This fires after the visitor has been on the page for the number of seconds you define.


Pop-up audience

There are two types of Audience Segments that can define which visitors will see a Popup. One is based on the current URL of the visitor. The other is based on whether the Popup has already appeared to the visitor on their device. Both types of Audience Segments can be used at the same time. Audiences can be easily defined and managed from the Audience Segment tab.


And that’s only the beginning. View the support articles below to learn more about how your organization can start implementing Soapbox Engage Popups today.

Happy Soapboxing!



  1. Enable an administrator to create popups to drive traffic to Soapbox Engage pages

  2. Define popups action buttons

  3. Trigger popups on visitor exit-intent, after a visitor scrolls to a certain percentage of a webpage, or after a visitor has been on the webpage for a defined number of seconds.

  4. Manage popups audience segments


Support Articles

  1. Viewing and managing Popups in the Soapbox administrator

  2. Creating a Popup in the Soapbox administrator

  3. Adding the Popups Code to your Website

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