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Soapbox 2.0.11 Released: Seven tools to better manage your site


We're happy to unveil the latest release of Soapbox and introduce you to seven handy tools we dropped into your toolbox in the wee hours of the morning as part of your Soapbox service.

Insert/edit template: Easily create and apply templates to articles

Do you often add articles that need a particular format? A specific set of subheadings? A photo placed in a certain spot around some text? A snippet of text you use all the time? Insert/Edit Template could make your life much, much easier with the click of a few buttons. Review Using the Content Editor: Create and apply a template with Insert/Edit Template to find out how you can become more efficient and consistent in a matter of moments.

Bridge Plugin: Alert users when they leave your site

Some organizations want to provide a disclaimer to users when they follow a link that takes them off their site. Review Bridge Plugin: Create an alert notifying end users when they leave your site and choose between four options for alerting folks when they click on a link that will take them away from your site.

Contacts CAPTCHA plugin: Reduce spam

Do you have a contact form that's troubled by spam? Take 30 seconds to lose the spam by following the steps in Contacts: Add CAPTCHA to contact form to reduce spam.

Disk usage meter: Monitor usage and request an increase

Your site has a limit to the amount of storage space available to it - one that we can increase if you find your site outgrowing it. Review Disk Usage: Monitor usage and request an increase to learn how you can keep tabs on it and request an upgrade, if needed.

Redirects: Create a custom "404 - File not found" page

A 404 error message occurs when a user tries to view a URL that does not exist - either because they mistyped it or because the page has been moved or deleted. You can use the Redirects plugin to customize where the user goes when this happens.

Soapbox Slideshow: Choose from different transition styles

For those using Soapbox Slideshow, we've added a second transition option to the Slideshow Module.  In addition to the Fade option, you can choose Wipe to move the new slide over the existing one by sliding it from right to left.


Google Analytics: Upgrade your Google Analytics tracking

We've created a nifty tool to increase the data that you can track through your Google Analytics account. As discussed on Google Analytics: Install Google Analytics code to track traffic, in addition to page views, it tracks file downloads, email links, and exit links to external sites - all of which can be segmented by public vs. logged in users.

If you don't have Google Analytics installed yet, you can do so by following the instructions in the Help Desk article. If you already collect data through Google Analytics for your site, submit a ticket to request that we update your account.

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