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Soapbox 2.1.0 Released: Captions, social bookmarking, powerful Add Ons, and core updates


We're pleased to announce the release of Soapbox 2.1.0! This release enhances your current Soapbox site through new caption functionality, expanded social bookmarking, three powerful Soapbox Add On services for managing events, accepting donations, and managing a job board, as well as valuable updates to the Soapbox core.

Using the Content Editor: Adding a Caption to an Image

Ever wish you could add a caption to a photo quickly and easily? Wait no more! Review Using the Content Editor: Adding a Caption to an Image to learn how you can use a simple new tool to add captions to images you've included in articles on your site.

Comments: Expanded features including posting to Twitter

Have you enabled Soapbox's social networking tools to allow your visitors to post articles directly to their own social bookmarking sites? This Soapbox release increases the number of sites to which visitors can post your content to their profiles.  Options available now total more than fifty with the most popular of those sites recently added being Twitter. Take a moment to learn how to include these new sites by reviewing Comments: Set Social Bookmarking options.

Don't know what in the world we're talking about? Take a peek at Comments: Overview to learn about commenting, social bookmarking, and rating options you can make available to visitors of your site with Soapbox!

Soapbox Add Ons: Events, Donations, and Jobline

Not all updates are needed by all our non-profit partners. With this release, we've increased the power and versatility of Soapbox 2 by offering three new Soapbox apps that could be just the right fit for your evolving needs. These tools can be included to extend the functionality of your site in exciting and valuable ways - all for non profit- and recession-friendly pricing!

Soapbox Donations

Want to allow visitors to donate to your organization without ever leaving your site? Explore Soapbox Donations to see if it would be a good fit to add to your Soapbox service.

Soapbox Events

Host a large number of events or just a few time-intensive ones? Learn how Soapbox Events can transform your ability to post, manage, and accept reservations and payments for events your organization runs or sponsors.

Soapbox Jobline

Interested in including a job board to list current openings within your organization or wider online community? Take a moment to review Soapbox Jobline.

Core system updates

In addition to the new things you can see and experience when logging into your Soapbox Administrator, there are important updates that are under the hood and out of site but just as critical The core Joomla content management system that Soapbox is based on is updated to the latest version to include security patches and other behind-the-scenes updates to keep your site safe and optimized.

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