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Soapbox 2.2.0 Release: Create powerful maps to convey your message and mission


Some nonprofits stories don't fit fully within the confines of words and images.  To convey the scope of their activities, they need to offer not just the what but the where.  They want to do more than tell.  They want to show.

We're suckers for a good story and want to provide the tools you need to weave a good one.  That's why we've created Soapbox Mapper, a powerful add on service for Soapbox that allows you to take your story to a whole new dimension - from north to south and east to west - with interactive and searchable maps customizable to meet your needs.


Interested in learning more about how Soapbox Mapper can open whole new directions for your nonprofit's website? Check out the Soapbox Mapper overview and demo site.

Ready to chart a new direction for your site with Soapbox Mapper? Contact us today!

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