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Soapbox 2.2.7: Do You Want More?!!!??!


What can we say? Maybe we've been listening to that album by The Roots more than usual these days but this Non-Profit Soapbox release is awash in overindulgence. More tickets. More slideshow options. More tools for taxonomy users. We're giving you more, more, MORE!

Soapbox Events

After all, why have just one ticket type for an event when you can have two? Or three? Or fifteen! Life's short. You should live it up! Go wild with Soapbox Events!

Got a fundraiser coming up for which you want to take paid registrations? Get that red rope ready to designate an Executive and Platinum Suite for folks giving a little more scratch and sell those as separate ticket types at separate prices.


More means more than just more tickets. More means more options for those tickets as well. Designate a ticket as members only for those with login access to your site so only they can register for it. Choose to display that ticket type to non-members to tempt them into becoming members. Post registrations directly to your Salesforce CRM for each ticket type. Set a registration start date along with an end date to setup early or late registration pricing and availability - without needing to fuss with it after you create the event. Reorder that embarrassment of riches you have with your multiple tickets manually in whichever way suits your fancy.

Because we like your fancy to be suited.

Soapbox Slideshow

"Wait...there's more?!?" you say. Why, yes. Yes, there is! More slideshow options. Want to swap out the little standard buttons with the slide number in them with thumbnails of the slide images themselves for visitors to see and click on when navigating around your slideshow? Done!



How about more options for where and how the slide text shows up? And control over the text of the advance, pause and play buttons? And options for how those nifty little buttons show up in relation to one another? The possibilities are dizzying!

In fact, I'm going to need to sit down for a moment. Read about all the options for the Soapbox Slideshow module while I take a moment to regroup.

Taxonomy Term Cloud

taxonomy-term-cloud-front.pngWhew! That's better. Now, do we dare say "more" one more time? We dare!

We dare!

How about a dandy little Term Cloud for all those Taxonomy users out there? Maybe alter the size of the words based on how many times you've check off that term to associate it with an article or an event? And designate which branch of the Taxonomy term structure the module should show? How about setting which result view should appear when a visitor clicks on a term to see the associated articles and events? Sure thing! All of it! You can have all of it!

More! More! More!

Using Soapbox 1? Do You Want More?!!!??!

All of this more business is available for Soapbox 2 sites. If you're using Soapbox 1 and are down with getting more, we're up for chatting about making that happen as easily as possible so you can get more for less. Hit us up!

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