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Soapbox 2.2.8: Of Calendars, Recurring Donations, and Taxonomy Searches


Gather round, ye merry lot, and hear a story of daring do - of great and magical wonders created to tell of happenings to audiences far and wide and of electronical contraptions gathering a sixpence a month into your pockets with ease!

Pray tell, what technology through yonder screen breaks...

...uh....not feeling the overwrought, flowery language? Alright. Gone. Let's get down to brass tacks on what this latest Non-Profit Soapbox release includes, shall we?

Events Calendar with Soapbox Events

Events. You got 'em. You want to show 'em on a calendar module all across your site. Here, there and everywhere. Done. Yours. No sweat. You can even filter them by event type, customize the display, set the display month relative to the current month, and, well, a variety of other things, quite frankly.

And the looks? Anything from basic to frilly and fetching to match your site. Here are a couple examples of the little bugger:

Basic, no frills, out of the box calendar module


Frilly, fetching calendar module with example of popup to show events on a given day


Don't have Soapbox Events yet? Jealous? No need to be! Find out more about all the goodness it offers.

Recurring Donations with Soapbox Donations

Donations. You want 'em. Lots of 'em. Preferably recurring ones in large amounts. Done - at least the ability to get recurring donations. Non-Profit Soapbox can't actually take money out of people's pockets, mind you. That would be illegal. But the tools are yours, if you want 'em, to encourage folks to gleefully part with their hard earned cash each month to support your work.

Wishing you had some Soapbox Donations lovin' on your site. What if we told you it even plays nicely with Salesforce to collect delicious data straight in your CRM? Check out the details.

Taxonomy Search flexibility

For those using Taxonomy to organize content, we've added some bells and whistles to the search form so you can customize the language of the form and results as well as determine whether the entire list of possible results shows up when the page loads or if it only populates after a visitor clicks "Search" - or "Find this for me, Watson" or "Golly-gee-willickers" or "Yahtzee!!!" You can customize that, after all.

Site on Soapbox 1 and want all of this goodness?

No sweat! Just let us know and we'll get you on track to migrate over to Soapbox 2!

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